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Vision Control® for Behavioral Health

Mental and behavioral health issues are growing problems across the world, with almost a quarter of U.S. adults experiencing a mental health condition in 2022. But designing and building a mental and behavioral health facility requires a unique set of considerations.

Peer-reviewed studies show that excessive noise and lack of privacy, for example, can cause undue stress in behavioral health patients. At the same time, elements such as natural daylight, suicide-resistant building materials, and good sightlines can dramatically improve health outcomes.

Unicel Architectural’s Vision Control® for Behavioral Health (VC for BH), is an advanced glazing product with integrated louvers that meets the American Architectural Manufacturers’ Association (AAMA) 501.8 performance testing for resistance to human impacts (2,000 ft-lbs).

VC for BH builds upon Vision Control’s already strong offering of a hermetically sealed IGU with impact-resistant glazing and ligature-resistant operators, making it an ideal choice for behavioral health applications.

The product mitigates the potential for self-harm while allowing hospital staff and patients the ability to adjust louvers for privacy, manage daylight and solar heat gain, and attenuate unwanted noise which can disturb patients and impact health outcomes.

Recent projects featuring Unicel Architectural’s Vision Control for Behavioral Health include:

System features:

  • Impact-resistant glazing certified by AAMA 501.8
  • Various ligature-resistant operator types including hands-free, motorized operation via remote or mobile app
  • Double glazing insulated unit with a two-inch airspace with integrated operable louvers
  • Sustainable solution that can support LEED requirements (when installed in exterior applications)


Key benefits:

  • High impact glazing protects against shattering and violent force; VC for BH has passed tests simulating a patient running into it at full speed
  • Integrated, cord-free louvers for control of privacy, heat, light, and noise
    • When open, louvers provide 80% visibility and when closed ensure 100% vision blocking
    • Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating on par with concrete block walls
  • Advanced louvered glazing technology ensures maximum strength and alignment; integrated louvers require no cleaning or maintenance
  • Hermetic seal and available antimicrobial operators provide maximum hygiene and help stop disease transmission

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Product Spotlight - Blog, Product Spotlight

Vision Control® for Behavioral Health

Product Spotlight - Blog, Product Spotlight