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Unicel Architectural timber curtain walls provide custom solutions to match your contemporary design vision. With German technology at the core, our curtain walls combine the elegance of wood and glazed facades to deliver an architectural marvel without compromise to performance.

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Architectural Design with Freedom

Our timber curtain wall systems support architectural design inspirations that include the expansive use of glass, cleaner sightlines and extension of the interior space into the outside.

Versatile Technology

With its own invisible connector system and an effective 3-level drainage system, the highly versatile timber connector technology can easily be installed on buildings with steel, concrete or timber structures.

Design Flexibility

Unicel Architectural timber curtain walls provide seamless integration of timber, steel and aluminum in vertical facades and sloped glass roofs and accommodate designs requiring load bearing curtain walls.

Natural Daylighting

Allow natural daylight to penetrate deeper into your space or building and take advantage of its inherent benefits, including passive solar heating and a sense of well-being.

More Than Just Technology

Let our team of dedicated professionals guide your design inspirations into architectural marvels from conception, to design, to construction.


Unicel Architectural offers a unique line of specialty glazing (IGU) solutions that provide high performance and durability for every design and application, including timber curtain walls.

Unicel Architectural

System Features

· Efficient thermal insulation with Um,t = 0.80 W/(m²K) (0.14 Btu/hr-sq ft °F)
· System width: 50/56/76/96 mm (2”, 2-3/16”, 3”, 3-3/8”)
· For timber profiles from 50mm (2”) wide
· Infill thickness: 6mm to 64mm (1/4” to 2-1/2”)
· Glass weight: up to 600kg (1320 lbs)
· Drainage levels: 2 or 3
· Polygonal assembly up to 45°
· Glass roof application down to 2° inclination

System Features


Unicel Architectural’s timber curtain wall technology is suitable for any curtain wall project, along with sloped glass roofs with an inclination as low as 2°, making it the ideal choice for conservatories and other elegant spaces.

THERM+ H-I Curtain Wall Systems

Unicel Architectural Timber Curtain Wall combines elegant design with Insulating Block Technology for superior thermal insulation, wind resistance and greater air tightness than any other curtain wall on the market.

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