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Insulating Glass Unit with Operable Louvers

Vision Control®

Vision Control® advanced louvered glazing technology provides unprecedented comfort and control of vision, light, temperature and sound. Its patented combination of cordless louvers between hermetically sealed glass panes ensure total privacy and optimal hygiene.

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About Louvered Glazing

Vision Control® is the market-leading louvered glazing solution that can be customized to virtually any shape in interior or exterior glazing applications for unmatched function and performance.

Its advanced louvered glazing technology eliminates strings, ensures alignment and requires no maintenance. In interior applications, Vision Control® and Vision Control® Mini offer complete adjustable privacy and visibility and reduce the risk of spreading infection.

When installed in exterior applications, Vision Control® significantly reduces energy consumption in support of LEED certification requirements.

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Vision Control® offers unprecedented control over:


Vision Control® and Vision Control® Mini manage the quantity and quality of light transmission through fenestration. Thanks to the precise control mechanism, the louvers can rotate 180 degrees, installed horizontally or vertically.


Vision Control® and Vision Control® Mini are the ideal glass solutions for hospitals, clinics, schools, correctional facilities and private offices that require adjustable privacy and visibility levels.


Vision Control® and Vision Control® Mini offer the ideal approach for controlling heat flow resulting from conduction and solar exposure. In exterior applications, Vision Control® provides significant thermal performance and substantial energy savings.


Vision Control® uniquely controls sound far more efficiently than with any other insulating glass unit in the market. Using Vision Control® can help achieve STC requirements that other sealed glass units with separate window treatments cannot meet.

Cord & String-Free Design

Ensures perfectly aligned louvers and eliminates the gradual wear and tear of strings associated with traditional blinds.

Infection Control

Even before the threat of Covid-19, Vision Control’s patented technology proved to be an industry leader in providing solutions to control the spread of infections and increase safety for both front-line staff and patients. Today, with the Covid-19 pandemic reality, Vision Control’s features give the healthcare industry options to eliminate spread of the virus.

No Maintenance

Vision Control® requires no maintenance and contributes to a dust- and germ-free environment. Reduce cleaning and replacement costs by eliminating curtains, shades or any type of blind.

AAMA 501.8 Performance Certification

Impact-resistant glazing and adaptable ligature-resistant operators offer protection to patients and staff in behavioral and mental health hospitals. Vision Control has passed the AAMA 501.8 Behavioral Health Tests for 2000 ft-lbs of Human Impact on both Interior and Exterior applications.

Fire-rated Solution

An available UL-listed solution that combines the benefits of Vision Control and Pilkington Pyrostop 45, 60, 90-minute and Firelite Plus® 20-minute fire-rated glazing.

Key Features

For architects in the healthcare, commercial and institutional verticals who want to make a lasting impression for the most discerning clients, Unicel Architectural has built a solid reputation for customizing its Vision Control product as a solution to enhancing design initiatives.

  • Patented, proprietary technology
  • 20-year warranty
  • Highly cost-effective: Pays for itself
  • Germ-free, Dust-free and Maintenance-free
  • Drives energy efficiencies
  • Ensures hygiene, privacy and comfort
  • Aesthetically pleasing


Vision Control® glass panels are made with interlocking blades that can be installed either horizontally or vertically and maintain their parallel alignment while delivering variable control of vision and light when closed. Louvers can be angled such that vision is permitted from one area to another but limited in the opposite direction. The unique hollow-chambered louvers are available in different shapes and sizes to suit any application.

3/16” (5mm)

7/8” x 3/16”
(22mm x 5mm) thick to a maximum glass width of 48” (1219mm)

1/4” (6mm)

1 3/8” x 1/4”
(35 mm x 6mm) thick to a maximum glass width of 48” (1219mm)

3/8” (10mm)

1 3/8” x 3/8”
(35 mm x 10mm) thick to a maximum glass width of 58” (1473mm)

1/2” (13mm)

1 3/8” x 1/2”
(35 mm x 13mm) thick to a maximum glass width of 68” (1727mm)

Vision Control® and Vision Control® Mini louvers are made of standard baked-enameled Duracron, available in the following colors:

Duracron Metallic Gray K-20794
Duracron Glossy White K-1285

Best suited for exterior applications.

Custom Colors, color-matching

For exterior applications, colors must remain light, not dark, to avoid heat build-up inside the units.


Vision Control® is available in double or triple glazed units and custom-manufactured with any of these glazing types:
– Tempered glass
– Laminated tempered glass
– Low-E glass
– Fire-rated glass
– Lead glass
– Laser protective glass
– Security glass
– One-way mirror glass
– Tinted glass
– Glass-clad polycarbonate
– Standard Polycarbonate and scratch resistant polycarbonate
– Ceramic frit of sandblasted glass
– Printed glass

Various airspaces are available for adaptability in vertical and sloped conditions for a wide range of interior and exterior applications. The spacer houses high-quality desiccant that dehydrates the airspace, ensuring absolutely no condensation inside the hermetically sealed glass unit.

Vision Control®’s primary seal is made of polyisobutylene, which provides high resistance against UV rays. The secondary seal is made of high-quality silicone that acts as an effective moisture and vapor barrier. The contact of both sealants creates perfect adhesion and provides a tight hermetic seal.

Louvered glazing cut-out

Modes of Operation

Vision Control®’s cord-free design features multiple control mechanisms that are high-speed, self-reversing, faster to operate and offer ligature-resistant and programmable options.

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Ligature-Resistant Comfort+ Knob

Delivers precise and effortless control of louvers.
Accessible in one or two sided behavioral health applications.

Ligature-Resistant Parabolic Knob

Delivers precise operation.
Accessible in one or two sided behavioral health applications.

Ligature-Resistant Touchless Sensor

Ideal for behavioral health applications. Switch finish may vary.
Accessible in one or two sided applications.

Ligature-Resistant Removable Key

Ideal for behavioral health applications.
Accessible in one or two sided applications.

Remote Control

Provides quick and precise control for multiple panel and out-of-reach installations.
Accessible in one or two sided applications.

Aluminum Knob (knurled or smooth)

Delivers precise operation.
Accessible in one or two sided applications.
Removable option also available.


High-speed, slim design operator delivering precise and effortless control.
Accessible in one or two sided applications.

Flat Aluminum Knob

Designed for sliding doors.
Accessible in one or two sided applications.
ADA compliant.


High-speed operation suitable for limited spaces.
Accessible in one or two sided applications.
ADA compliant.

Crank Handle

Easy to grab handle delivers quick operation.
Accessible in one or two sided applications.
Removable option also available.
ADA compliant.

PLC Computerized System

Programmable and highly accurate system for large scale projects and intelligent buildings.
Can be connected to energy management systems.
Accessible in one or two sided applications.


Vision Control®’s patented, hermetically sealed unit combining louvers within glass is ideal for applications in healthcare, commercial, institutional, educational, correctional and green building projects. Customizable to virtually any shape for interior or exterior applications, it is the winner of a National Symposium on Healthcare Design Architects’ Choice Award and a Product Innovation Award from Architectural Products Magazine.

Interior Window / Sidelight

Whether in new construction or renovation, Vision Control® adapts to all types of wall construction including steel, aluminum, and wood frames. Because it is hermetically sealed, Vision Control® remains dust- and germ-free, requiring no maintenance. This is why architects recommend it in any area where hygiene and privacy are a must: ICUs, ORs, ERs, nurses’ alcoves, patient rooms, conference rooms, and observation rooms.

Swing Door

Vision Control® can be installed as vision lights in wood, steel, and aluminum doors of 1 ¾” (44mm) or 2” (51mm) in thickness. Conveniently operable on one or both side(s), it eliminates curtains, shades or any other type of Venetian blinds that flap continuously or get damaged by the closing and opening of the door.

Sliding Door

In applications where sliding doors move incessantly, Vision Control® Mini is ideal in healthcare environments. Ensure perfectly aligned louvers that deliver blade position uniformity and precision regadless of activity.

Sloped / Skylight

The rigidity of Vision Control® louvers and the perfect alignment of the blades make it ideal for sloped glazing. Apart from its breathtaking aesthetic value, Vision Control® provides significant thermal performance and substantial energy savings. Ideal choice for commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants as well as in private residences.

Curtain Wall

Thanks to its high STC rating, Vision Control® is the ideal louvered glazing product that provides effective sound control for curtain wall applications and diminishing street and air traffic noise. Delivering on form and function, this makes it ideal for conference rooms, executive lounges, auditorium, and classrooms.

Exterior Window

An ideal solution for sustainable design projects, Vision Control® delivers thermal performance by helping to reduce the peak cooling and heating loads. It also protects against fading from damaging ultraviolet rays and eliminates unwanted glare.

Glazing Solution for Unmatched Function and Performance

Transform your space with our patented Vision Control® glazing solution, designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Ideal for healthcare facilities and institutional environments, Vision Control® and Vision Control® Mini provide unlimited design options and adapt to a multitude of applications. Now, with our BIM Files for Vision Control® and Vision Control® Mini, you can design buildings faster, smarter and customized to your design inspirations.

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