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Vision Control® Mini in Doors

Vision Control® Mini is the interior privacy glazing version of Vision Control®, Unicel Architectural’s advanced louvered glazing technology that provides unmatched control of sound, vision, light, and heat by combining cordless louvers and hermetically sealed glass panes.

While it can be customized to meet nearly any interior or exterior specification, VC Mini is particularly adept in healthcare environments. That’s because its one-inch airspace makes it perfect for sliding hospital doors in ICUs, NICUs, and other units.

And its hermetic seal keeps out dust and germs for improved hygiene, greater infection control, and practically zero cleaning or maintenance.

Vision Control® Mini offers fully adjustable privacy and visibility, allowing for patient privacy as well as discreet monitoring by hospital staff. Its sound dampening and control features provide a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating akin to that of concrete blocks, which helps with HIPAA privacy compliance

And its cord- and string-free louver design promotes greater safety and eliminates the issue of wear and tear on traditional blind strings.

Recent Unicel Architectural projects featuring Vision Control Mini include:

System features:

  • Available as a 1-inch (25.4mm) airspace ideal for sliding doors and a 1 ¼-inch (31.7mm) airspace for other door applications
  • Comes with a Universal Door Trim Kit made of extruded aluminum and designed to adapt to any 1 ¾-inch (44.4mm) thick sliding doors
  • Cord and string-free, eliminating ligature issues and misalignment
  • Hermetically sealed for optimal hygiene and infection control
  • Customizable glass types includes lead, laminated tempered, polycarbonate,  and much more
  • Units are easily adjustable through a range of ligature-resistant operators, including flat aluminum knobs and thumbwheels
  • Custom color options include Duracron glossy white or metallic gray

Key benefits:

  • Aesthetically appealing – enhances any design approach
  • Eliminates the need for curtains, shades, or blinds
  • Hermetic seal requires no maintenance and reduces cleaning costs
  • Units are fully operable on both sides
  • Fully customizable to suit numerous applications, with a 1 ¼-inch thick airspace available for swing doors
  • Ensures healthcare practitioner-patient privacy

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Vision Control® Mini in Doors

Product Spotlight - Blog, Product Spotlight

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Product Spotlight - Blog, Product Spotlight