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Skylights and Curtain Walls

Unicel Architectural’s sophisticated skylight systems feature unique framing for the most discerning architectural requirements, including large, customized skylight projects, helping architects define their spaces through light and shadow.

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Durable and Well Engineered

Designed and engineered to handle the most extreme climate conditions. Advanced features ensure outstanding water management, condensation control, and thermal movement accommodation for horizontal glazing applications.

Contributes to Sustainable Design

Skylights with Vision Control® advanced louvered glazing technology or aluminum sun shading can earn LEED credits, and have been proven to significantly reduce capital costs through superior heat and light control.

Dazzling Natural Daylight

Skylights provide significantly more light than vertical windows while reducing glare, allowing for inviting and warm spaces bathed in overhead natural light that promotes passive solar heating and a sense of well-being.

Customizable to any Architectural Vision

Available in a range of geometric shapes including single and double pitch, pyramid, continuous dome, extended pyramid and segmented dome, and versatile enough to be inserted into roof designs of any kind.

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