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ViuLite® is a system of ScreenLine® integrated blinds that are permanently sealed within a double-glazed cavity. ViuLite® ensures total protection against dirt, germs, weather conditions and damage in application for complete maintenance-free convenience.

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ScreenLine® Technology

ViuLite® product combines Unicel Architectural’s specialty glazing expertise with Pellini’s market and technology leadership for ScreenLine® integrated blinds.

Versatile Product Design

Suitable for all types of framing systems in exterior and interior applications and provide enhanced solar shading features, block unwanted glare, heat and harmful UV rays.

Actifresh Antimicrobial Treatment

The Sanitized® patented antibacterial treatment, using silver ions as active biocidal substance, included into ScreenLine® control devices, protects the treated material against bacteria and odor.

No Maintenance

ViuLite® requires no maintenance. Reduce cleaning and replacement costs by eliminating curtains, shades or any type of blind.

Esthetically Pleasing Design

Custom manufactured with multiple glazing types for an esthetically pleasing design, ViuLite® integrated blinds are sealed in an insulating glass unit for a germ-free, hygienic environment while providing daylight and vision control.


ViuLite® system provides the convenience of tilt and raise similar to exterior shading systems. This can also be customized to tilt-only functionality.

ViuLite® Venetian blinds are produced with 1/2” (12.5mm) wide aluminum slats featuring a choice of standard and non-standard colors for your customized needs.


ViuLite® is available in double or triple glazed units and custom-manufactured with any of these glazing types:
– Tempered glass
– Laminated tempered glass
– Low-E glass
– Fire-rated glass
– Lead glass
– Security glass
– Mirror pane and tinted glass
– Glass-clad polycarbonate
– Standard Polycarbonate and scratch resistant polycarbonate
– Ceramic frit of sandblasted glass
– Printed glass

Warm-edge spacers deliver enhanced energy efficiencies while the Argon filled airspace provides up to 25% in U-value improvements.

Modes of Operation

ViuLite® blinds can be controlled by a variety of ADA compliant operators.

Ligature-Resistant Knob

* not ADA compliant

Internal Motor
External Motor
Top Frontal Knob
Bottom Frontal Knob
Removable Key

* not ADA compliant


* not ADA compliant


Comes treated with Sanitized®. ADA compliant.


ViuLite® comes with various aluminum framing systems, glass stops, and door trim kit options for use in: Interior partitions, Sidelights, Doors, Transoms, Windows and Curtain walls.


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