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Vision Control® The Clear Advantage

Healthcare. Education. Commercial. Residential. Correctional. Sustainable building. When you think about it, there’s no glazing application that doesn’t line up perfectly with Unicel Architectural’s Vision Control® and Vision Control Mini® advanced louvered glazing technology.

That’s because Vision Control’s patented, hermetically sealed units combining louvers within glass for windows, doors, and skylights can be customized into virtually any shape, no matter if it’s an interior or exterior application. And its precise control mechanisms and insulating qualities provide unprecedented comfort and control of vision, light, temperature and sound.

Vision Control’s ligature-resistant operators ensure perfectly aligned louvers every time, and are available in double or triple glazed units custom made with tempered glass, fire-rated glass, AAMA 501.8 certified glass for human impacts, glass-clad polycarbonate, and other glazing types.

Because it’s hermetically sealed, Vision Control requires no maintenance and doesn’t collect dust, mold, or germs the way curtains or typical blinds can, which helps with cleaning, maintenance, and replacement costs. And its fire-rated version features Pilkington Pyrostop 45, 60, 90-minute and Firelite Plus® 20-minute fire-rated glazing.

System Features

  • Glazing types available include laminated tempered glass, security glass, one-way mirror glass, and tinted glass
  • A polyisobutylene primary seal and silicone secondary seal provides superior UV ray, moisture, and vapor resistance
  • Spacer houses high-quality desiccant that dehydrates the airspace for zero condensation
  • Louvers available in 3/16” (5mm), 1.4” (6mm), ⅜” (10mm), 1.2” (13mm)
  • Various ligature-resistant operator types available, including aluminum knobs and crank handles
  • Operable on one or both sides
  • Applications include interior windows/skylights, swing doors, sliding doors, sloped skylights, curtain walls, and exterior windows
  • AAMA 501.8 certified against 2,000 ft-lbs of human impact, for behavioral health applications
  • Key Benefits

  • Vision: The ideal glass solution for buildings requiring adjustable privacy and visibility
  • Light: Manages light transmission through precise louvers that rotate 180 degrees
  • Heat: Controls heat flow from conduction and solar exposure, resulting in significant thermal performance
  • Sound: Helps meet STC requirements through the most effective sound control in the industry
  • See it in Action

    Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Guggenheim Pavilion, Mt. Sinai Medical Center
    Syracuse Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Medical Center
    Woolwich Central School
    Medstar Franklin Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    Lower Canada College

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