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Vision Control® for Reducing Infection Risk

Reducing the risk of infection in health-care and other settings is vital now more than ever. That’s why a growing number of hospital systems and other health-care providers use Vision Control® and Vision Control Mini® advanced louvered glazing technology for interior and exterior windows, doors, skylights, and curtain walls in a variety of specific health-care applications, including ICUs, ERs, ORs, patient rooms, and nurses’ alcoves.

Vision Control® was designed to provide customizable, patented, cord-free – even hands-free – integrated louver technology, with optimal healing environments in mind. Vision Control’s hermetically sealed insulating glass units with louvers don’t require cleaning or maintenance, allow for the discreet monitoring of patients, and are made with mold- and microbe-resistant frames and operators.

Vision Control® products also offer industry-leading sound control, providing a tranquil healing environment and acoustic privacy for patients in all health-care settings.

System Features

  • Various ligature-resistant operator types including hands-free, motorized operation via remote or mobile app
  • Health-care applications include multi-panel nurses’ alcoves; interior windows and doors including swing and sliding doors; curtain walls and skylights
  • Operators are easily positioned to be accessible by health-care staff only for discreet patient monitoring
  • Available glazing includes laminated tempered glass, security glass, and one-way mirror glass
  • A polyisobutylene primary seal and silicone secondary seal provides superior UV ray, moisture, and vapor resistance
  • Spacer houses high-quality desiccant that dehydrates the airspace for zero condensation
  • Louvers available in 3/16” (5mm), 1.4” (6mm), ⅜” (10mm), 1.2” (13mm)
  • Operable on one or both sides
  • AAMA 501.8 certified against 2,000 ft-lbs of human impact (impact safety up to class 1B1)

Key Benefits

  • Controls infection spread and increases safety for hospital front-line staff and patients
  • Allows physicians and nurses to maintain visual contact with critically ill patients, while also providing a sense of privacy
  • Optimal hygiene via microbe-resistant, non-toxic materials
  • Eliminates curtains, drapes, and other potential infection vectors
  • Customizable to any size and shape of exterior or interior glazing
  • Recommended for ICUs, ORs, ERs, nurses’ alcoves, patient rooms, or conference rooms
  • Hands-free, motorized operators reduce surface contamination
  • Can provide UL-certified fire protection and AAMA-certified impact resistance with high quality glazing
  • Fully adjustable privacy and visibility, including control of light, sound, temperature, and vision

See it in Action

Sacred Heart Hospital Pensacola
Vernon Jubilee Hospital
Sidra Medical and Research Center
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Mount Sinai West Hospital
Mount Sinai Medical Center