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Unicel Architectural Achieves 45-minute Fire Rating for Steel Trim Kits in Door Applications

Rating builds on Unicel Architectural’s award-winning fire rated Vision Control® and ViuLite® products for health-care, educational and other facilities

LONGUEUIL, CANADA, FEBRUARY 23, 2021 – Unicel Architectural Corp., manufacturer of Vision Control®, timber and aluminum curtain walls and skylight solutions, announces its Vision Control® and ViuLite® privacy and shading solutions have achieved a 45-minute fire resistance rating, including the hose-stream test, using its newly developed steel trim kits in door applications from global safety certification company UL LLC.

The products meet UL fire-resistance rated assemblies standards through the Unicel Architectural-manufactured steel trim kits that are combined with Pilkington Pyrostop® fire-rated glazing. These are offered with any of the company’s family of Vision Control®, Vision Control Mini®, and ViuLite® products and are UL-listed in the US and Canada.

The rating further extends Unicel Architectural’s award-winning fire safety ratings of 20, 45, 60 and 90 minutes for doors, windows, transoms and sidelights, which have been available for almost a decade. Unicel Architectural’s new fire-rated door trim combines with fire-rated Vision Control®, Vision Control Mini®, and ViuLite® units to form a fully fire-resistant door application.

“Our industry-leading fire safety capabilities were already well-known among architects, builders and glaziers,” said Samuel Doyon-Bissonnette, majority shareholder and head of engineering at Unicel Architectural. “Achieving a 45-minute UL fire resistance rating in door applications, to go along with our strong glass fire ratings, takes things to the next level. Using fire-rated products like Vision Control and ViuLite in building construction helps save lives and property at health care and other facilities”.

Pilkington Pyrostop® combines a physically robust fire protection shield with the high quality typical of regular glazing. In a fire, Pilkington Pyrostop® turns opaque, providing a strong barrier to flames and hot gases as well as effective insulation from intense heat.

Vision Control® and Vision Control Mini® are insulating glass units with integrated cord-free louvers providing maximum and maintenance-free control of vision, heat, light and sound. They combine louvers within glass that can be customized to virtually any shape for interior and exterior glazing applications. ViuLite® is a system of blinds that are permanently sealed within a double-glazed cavity for a completely dust-free and maintenance-free environment.

About Unicel Architectural

For 56 years, Unicel Architectural has built a reputation for the most advanced glass, timber and aluminum solutions. These solutions encompass louvered glazing, skylights, timber or aluminum curtain walls and more, to enhance major global construction initiatives with the utmost quality and reliability. Unicel Architectural’s proprietary technology transforms glass, timber or aluminum into one-of-a-kind, highly engineered structures, while Vision Control ® delivers unprecedented comfort and control of vision, light, temperature and sound with a patented combination of integrated louvers between glass that are hermetically sealed and cordless. Unicel Architectural’s solutions are guaranteed for longevity, optimized for energy efficiency, and customizable to any design, environmental or cultural requirements. Unicel Architectural combines its market leading know-how with great design to help architects impact lives by defining the space within. For more information, please visit

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