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- Aluminum, Product Spotlight

Skylight Systems with Vision Control®

Bathe any space with stunning natural light and improve the mental and physical health of your occupants with Unicel Architectural’s custom skylight systems, which can be equipped with Vision Control® advanced louvered glazing for the ultimate control of vision, light, temperature, and noise.

Well-placed, quality fabricated skylights are an unparalleled daylighting solution that provide top-down light and reduce glare compared to vertical windows. Skylights also promote passive solar heating and the well-documented health and mood benefits of natural light throughout your space.

But Unicel Architectural skylight systems are a cut above typical skylights because they’re fabricated with high-quality glazing and aluminum frames. Aluminum is an incredible building material because it’s lightweight, strong (stronger than steel in many cases), durable, environmentally friendly, and can handle virtually any weather condition due to its weather resistance.

And because aluminum is easily malleable, it can be made into virtually any shape possible—allowing for the greatest degree of design and architectural customization you can imagine.

Unicel Architectural’s skylight systems also come with a unique internal guttering system with pressure-equalized rain-screen technology for an effective water infiltration and condensation guttering solution. The guttering system doesn’t even require sealant, thanks to its seamless notched rafters and coped purlins flexible enough to accommodate the kind of extreme thermal expansion common during chilly winter days.

Skylights + Vision Control® advanced louvered glazing

All Unicel Architectural skylight systems can be outfitted with our advanced Vision Control louvered glazing technology, which provides a patented combination of cordless louvers between hermetically sealed glass panes for airtight hygiene and total privacy control.

Skylights equipped with Vision Control® integrated louvers are more efficient than regular skylights because they offer better control over solar heat gain during warm afternoons, or can be turned to let light (and solar heat) in during colder days.

Vision Control® can be outfitted with motorized operators that can be controlled via remote control or mobile app, allowing users to adjust any skylight with precision—even if the skylight is 30 feet in the air.

Recent Unicel Architectural projects demonstrating our skylight systems include:

System features:

  • Unicel Architectural designed aluminum profiles with concealed fasteners (no visible screw or bolt)
  • Rain screen system for proper drainage and ventilation
  • Polyshim sealing joint provides hermetic shield against vapor infiltration
  • Can be equipped with Vision Control® integrated louvers, that can be motorized to allow for easy sun shading control.
  • Can include for double, triple or laminated glass units, or Vision Control® (¼” to 3” / 6mm to 76mm)
  • PVC barriers for thermal break between interior and exterior profiles
  • Available in many configurations including single and double slope, lean-to, continuous dome, square pyramid, and rectangular pyramid.

Key benefits:

  • Promotes passive solar heating and natural daylight for a sense of well-being
  • Skylights outfitted with Vision Control® advanced louvered glazing technology can improve building efficiency, privacy, and comfort while reducing glare
  • Engineered for durability in extreme weather conditions
  • Designed for water evacuation, condensation control, and thermal movement.

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