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Vision Control® for Education

Unicel Architectural’s Vision Control® advanced louvered glazing technology is the preferred choice for architects and building specifiers who work on institutional projects such as educational buildings.

Vision Control® for windows, doors, curtain walls, and skylights combines cordless louvers between hermetically sealed glass panes for complete and unparalleled control of vision, light, temperature, and sound, along with total privacy and optimal hygiene.

For educational institutions, that means:

  • Better ways to leverage natural light, for more learning-friendly and stimulating student environments – high daylight levels have been proven to increase student engagement and performance – while controlling solar heat gain and glare
  • Better environmental performance, including capabilities around visibility, light transmittance, u-values, and other thermal performance characteristics – to meet LEED requirements
  • More secure spaces through force- and fire-resistant glass in all interior and exterior openings, such as viewing windows and door lite inserts, for truly protective design

Vision Control® units are fully adjustable, permitting both open views and total privacy, and can be reinforced with shatterproof glass and deep aluminum frames to withstand violent impacts.

System Features

  • Various ligature-resistant operator types including knobs, thumbwheels, and hands-free, motorized operation via remote or mobile app
  • Available glazing includes laminated tempered glass, security glass, and one-way mirror glass
  • A polyisobutylene primary seal and silicone secondary seal provides superior UV ray, moisture, and vapor resistance
  • Spacer houses high-quality desiccant that dehydrates the airspace for zero condensation
  • Louvers available in 3/16” (5mm), 1.4” (6mm), ⅜” (10mm), 1.2” (13mm)
  • Operable on one or both sides

Key Benefits

  • Can be combined with Pilkington Pyrostop® fire-rated glazing for fire safety ratings of 20, 45, 60, and 90 minutes
  • Hermetically sealed, requiring no cleaning or maintenance
  • High-impact glazing protects against violent force and shattering (including bullet impacts)
  • Louvers can be angled to provide adjustable monitoring – viewing can be permitted from one area to another, but not in the opposite direction
  • Sound Transmission Class (STA) rating on par with concrete block walls
  • Interlocking louvers provide complete privacy when required (during exams, confidential discussions, or even emergency situations)

See it in Action

Woolwich Central School
Morgan State University
Lower Canada College