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Unicel Architectural Turns Over a New Leaf as a Management Owned Company

Vincent Couturier and Samuel Doyon-Bissonnette of the executive management team have bought back all shares held by Desjardins Capital in a Management Buyout

LONGUEUIL, CANADA, OCTOBER 28, 2020 – Unicel Architectural Corp., manufacturer  of Vision Control ®, timber and aluminum curtain walls and skylight solutions, announces  that Vincent Couturier and Samuel Doyon-Bissonnette, have completed the successful  management buyout transaction from Desjardins Capital. The deal means the   management team acquires the balance of shareholdings, giving Vincent and Samuel, son and stepson respectively of Jean-François Couturier, President of Unicel  Architectural, majority stake in Unicel Architectural while Jean-François Couturier and  Viviane Chan continue as minority shareholders.

Unicel Architectural is celebrating 56 years in operation as a Quebec-based organization,  leveraging its patented technology of Vision Control and the successful 2018 acquisition  of IC2 Technologies to become a North American leader in delivering innovative solutions  for construction projects of all sizes.

“The buyout was an important and significant milestone in the next chapter for Unicel  Architectural”, added Jean-François Couturier. “Vincent and Samuel needed time to learn  the business and bring a new level of experience, integrity and effective execution in their focus on future growth and innovation. Vincent and Samuel will continue to be guided  strategically by Jean-François Tremblay, appointed as General Manager in 2019 by the  board of directors established by Desjardins Capital”.

The success of Unicel Architectural is based on solid principles of delivering value to  clients, hiring and retaining talented people. “We are proud to become together majority  shareholders of Unicel Architectural, a growing company which has practically doubled its  revenue since 2017, thanks to the vision of our father and dedication of our hard-working employees. We also recognize and are grateful to Desjardins Capital, the contribution of  which has made our entrepreneurial dream a reality, and this under winning conditions”,  stated Vincent Couturier and Samuel Doyon-Bissonnette.

“The buyout of the shares by two members of Unicel Architectural’s executive team and  members of Jean-François Couturier’s family is a perfect illustration of our business model  which consists over the long term, of enhancing, supporting and keeping the flagships of  Quebec” said Yves Calloc’h, COO of Desjardins Capital. “Desjardins Capital granted a  loan to the company to complete the business transfer, support the growth plan and thus  remain the partner of choice for Unicel Architectural. Another source of satisfaction for us  is the maintenance of the board of directors that we put in place in 2017. Indeed, the  quality of governance of our companies is a guarantee of sustainability, which is as  important as the financial support that we provide.”

About Unicel Architectural

For 56 years, Unicel Architectural has built a reputation for the most advanced glass,  timber and aluminum solutions. These solutions encompass louvered glazing, skylights,  timber and aluminum curtain walls and more, to enhance major global construction initiatives with the utmost quality and reliability. Unicel Architectural’s proprietary  technology transforms glass, timber or aluminum into one-of-a-kind, highly engineered  structures, while Vision Control ® delivers unprecedented comfort and control of vision,  light, temperature and sound with a patented combination of integrated louvers between  glass that are hermetically sealed and cordless. Unicel Architectural’s solutions are  guaranteed for longevity, optimized for energy efficiency, and customizable to any design,  environmental or cultural requirements. Unicel Architectural combines its market leading  know-how with great design to help architects impact lives by defining the space within. For more information, please visit

About Desjardins Capital

With nearly 45 years of expertise, Desjardins Capital ‘s mission is to promote, support and keep SMEs in Quebec. With assets under management of $ 2.6 billion,   Desjardins Capital contributes to the sustainability of 535 businesses, cooperatives and   funds operating in various sectors of activity and from all regions of Quebec. In addition to   helping to maintain and create more than 80,000 jobs, this component of the Desjardins   Group offers entrepreneurs access to a large business network that supports the growth   of their businesses. For more information, visit our website or visit our LinkedIn page.