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Unicel Architectural now offers motorized “smart” integrated louver solution

Vision Control® XS enables easy and automatic internal louver operation from a remote control,  tablet or smartphone.

MONTREAL, CANADA – August 6, 2019 – Unicel Architectural, manufacturer of vision and daylight control  solutions, today announced the availability of Vision Control® XS – an advanced, 100 percent wireless and  motorized version of its award-winning integrated louvers solution.



Vision Control® XS enables easy and automatic louver operation from a remote control, tablet or smartphone.  Windows, doors and other openings in busy healthcare, commercial and educational environments can now be  easily adjusted for vision, light, heat and noise with “smart” louver control. 

“With flexible power and management options, Vision Control® XS features big capabilities in a small package for  hard-to-reach windows and areas where wiring may be a challenge,” said Vincent Couturier, Director of Operations  at Unicel. “This ensures that privacy and daylight levels can be optimized at the press of a button. A particularly  compelling feature is that Vision Control® XS comes with sensors to automate sunlight and temperature controls.  Integrated louvers will automatically open or close and adapt to specified weather conditions as desired.” 

Vision Control® is an insulating glass unit with integrated cord-free louvers that provides maximum and  maintenance-free control of privacy, heat, light and noise. Vision Control® XS comes with a range of remote options  for louver operation including centralized control, timers, individual or multi-device control, louver adjustment, an  intuitive interface, sun sensors and more. It also includes a radio control platform which enables the adjustment of  louver positioning from a distance of up to 65 feet without the need for pointing a remote device at the  transmitter. Remote access is enabled by a simple plug-in device and free app. Users can activate the application  with a single tap, maximizing louver controls for increased energy savings, UV protection and privacy. 

Quebec’s Lower Canada College uses Vision Control® XS for easy and ‘smart’ remote control of privacy and tranquility in its athletic facilities.

About Unicel Architectural

For 55 years, Unicel Architectural has built a reputation for the most advanced aluminum and glass solutions. These  solutions encompass louvered glazing, skylights and more, to enhance major global construction initiatives with  utmost quality and reliability. With its proprietary technology, Unicel’s Vision Control® delivers unprecedented  comfort and control of vision, light, temperature and sound with a patented combination of louvers between glass  that are hermetically sealed and cordless. Unicel’s solutions are guaranteed for longevity, optimized for energy  efficiency, and customizable to any design, environmental or cultural requirements. Unicel combines its market  leading know-how with great design to ensure optimal aesthetics and sustainable performance. For more information, please visit

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