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Aluminum Skylights and Curtain Walls

You can transform any space into an open, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing area with Unicel Architectural’s custom aluminum skylights and curtain walls – customizable daylighting solutions that reduce glare, allow more natural light, and distribute it more evenly than windows.

But that’s not all our aluminum skylights and curtain walls do for our clients. All skylights and curtain walls come with unique framing able to meet the most stringent design and architectural requirements, including extremely large, customized projects in residential, commercial, and institutional construction.

The unique internal guttering system in every aluminum skylight system we fabricate includes pressure-equalized rain-screen technology, for the most effective water infiltration and condensation guttering solution available. They feature notched rafters and coped purlins that join seamlessly to accommodate gutter continuity and thermal expansion, for a plumbing system that doesn’t require any sealant.

Unicel Architectural’s aluminum curtain walls feature RAICO THERM+ sealing technology, which features striking aesthetics through flush-faced transoms and sharp-edged cross sections combined with an integrated drainage system.

As a building material, aluminum is easily malleable (and customizable into any shape you can imagine), can be made stronger than steel, requires little to no maintenance, and doesn’t corrode in wet weather.

All skylight and curtain wall systems can be outfitted with our advanced Vision Control® louvered glazing technology (which can earn LEED credits and have been proven to reduce capital costs through heat and light control).

Skylight System Features

  • Aluminum profiles with concealed fasteners (no visible screw or bolt)
  • Rain screen system for proper drainage and ventilation
  • Polyshim sealing joint provides hermetic shield against vapor infiltration
  • Can include single, double, triple, or Vision Control® (¼” to 3” / 6mm to 76mm)
  • PVC barriers for thermal break between interior and exterior profiles
  • Available as single and double slope, lean-to, continuous dome, square pyramid, and rectangular pyramid
  • Skylight Key Benefits

  • Engineered for durability in extreme weather conditions
  • Outstanding water management, condensation control, and thermal movement accommodation
  • Skylights outfitted with Vision Control advanced louvered glazing technology reduce capital costs and can earn LEED credits
  • Promotes passive solar heating and natural daylight for a sense of well-being
  • Curtain Wall System Features

  • System width: 55/56 mm
  • Rectangular profile depth: 25 to 200 mm
  • Expansion profile depth: 100 to 200 mm
  • Infill thickness: 10 to 64 mm
  • Glass weight: Up to 600 kg
  • Polygonal assembly: Up to 45 degrees
  • Curtain Wall Key Benefits

  • RAICO insulating block technology for stepless thermal insulation
  • Flush-faced transoms and sharp-edge cross sections for superior aesthetics
  • Integrated drainage systems
  • Superior wind resistance (1.875 / 2.813 kN/m2), water tightness (RE 1650), and burglar resistance (RC2/RC3)
  • Can also be outfitted with Vision Control louvered glazing
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