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During  a  period  of  10  (ten)  years  from  date  of  manufacture,  Unicel’s aluminum  framing structures for the referenced project are warranted to the original Buyer to be free from significant defects in materials such as bending, warping, or sagging, under normal use and service.

The obligations of Unicel under  this warranty are  limited to the repair or replacement,  at  Unicel's  option,  of  defective  parts  of  the  goods. Additionally,  Unicel  reserves  the  right  to  determine  whether  or  not  a defect  exists  for which  it  is  responsible  under  this warranty.  Any  parts failing to comply with terms of this warranty will be replaced f.o.b nearest shipping  point  to  place  of  installation.  This warranty  does  not  apply  to replacement  parts  beyond  the  original  10-year  period  to  which  the original part is subjected. Unicel will not be liable for any other expenses involved  in  the  removal  of  defective  parts,  installation  of  replacement parts, or any other incidental or consequential damages.

This  warranty  does  not  cover  glass  breakage,  replacement  of  parts, accessories  or  equipment  required  due  to  misuse,  accident,  alteration, negligence or  lack of  reasonable and proper  installation or maintenance, nor does it cover loss of time, inconvenience or loss of the product or any parts. This warranty does not cover delays or construction costs  for  late or  damaged  delivery  or  incidental  or  consequential  damages.  This warranty does not cover the installation of the goods or damages incurred by the performance of improper installation of the goods.

Unicel does not authorize any person, dealer or distributor to create for it any  obligation  or  liability  in  connection with  the  goods.  Leakage will  be the sole responsibility of the glass contractor or installer.