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No matter where they are used, in commercial or residential projects, skylights make an architectural statement; they introduce natural light in everyday activities and promote aesthetic design.

Unicel Architectural skylight framing systems use special mullions that offer increased durability and sleek shapes to any project they are incorporated in. Also, architects prefer specifying our skylights thanks to their energy efficiency features. According to recent research, a skylight with a Vision Control® glazed area of 5,000 square ft. (465 square meters) will reduce capital cost by $25,000 and will annually save $18,000 in operational energy cost compared to a similar double-glazed structure. The same comparison can be made in the case of a wide atrium with skylights of 23,200 square ft. (2,155 square meters): Vision Control® reduces capital costs by $80,000 and it annually saves $65,000 in operational energy cost. Contact us for the complete research report conducted by Concordia University.

Copper-capped skylight systems are also available and ideal for government projects and historical buildings where matching old architectural themes are imperative.

Why add a skylight to your project?

  • Adding a skylight allows daylight from above which positively affects the way you feel and your everyday functions.
  • A skylight reduces dependence on electrical lighting and lowers energy costs, for a greener environment both inside and out.
  • Skylights provide more privacy and a third more light than vertical windows due to their placement.
  • Overhead light from a skylight also reduces glare by bringing more balanced light into deeper spaces, creating a more inviting and open feel in your space.
Unicel Architectural is a skylight manufacturer specialized in custom aluminum framing structure, sunshade, claraboya and lanterneau for New-York, Florida, California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Georgia, New-Jersey, Texas, Washington, Virginia, Arizona and Canada.