The future of vision & daylight control




Available in various geometric shapes, Unicel’s skylight systems allow maximum daylighting while maintaining a pleasing appearance. Their versatility allows them to be inserted into different designs such as flat, pitched or curbed roof applications.

Our skylights may not only accept regular insulating glass units of standard thicknesses, but are also capable of accepting Unicel’s Vision Control® insulating glass units with integral louvers that can measure over 3” (76mm) thick. No other skylight system is able to incorporate this unique high-performance louvered glass unit. In this manner, Unicel’s skylights provide more substantial energy savings than any other system in the industry.

Skylight framing systems can also double for natural ventilation systems. The amount of light that inefficient transparent glazing skylights deliver peaks around midday, when the additional light and heat it provides are least needed. Some skylight designs use domed or pyramidal shapes along with prismatic or other light-redirecting glazing to attempt to validate 'daylighting expert' value.

It is imperative to install a skylight with at least two panes and a heat reflecting coating to increase its energy efficiency.

Installing a skylight with Unicel Vision Control® shading system provides significant thermal performance and substantial energy savings.

Thanks to the fingertip control mechanism (manual or electric) which allows louvers to rotate 180 degrees, the quantity and quality of light transmission from the skylight is effectively and precisely controlled. Moreover, a skylight with Vision Control® glass will reduce glare and protects against fading due to damaging UV rays.

Used in skylights, the Vision Control® sturdy louvers eliminate any bending often seen with regular “between-glass blinds” shading systems that sag onto the inner glass lite. Moreover, since the units are hermetically sealed, there is no need to clean the louvers. Skylights with integrated Vision Control® systems are ideal for institutional and commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants as well as private residences.