The future of vision & daylight control




To be optimally efficient and private, homes need to consider glazing solutions for vision, sound, light and heat control.

Vision – The comfort of privacy is especially important in homes, particularly in urban environments. Vision Control® provides adjustable and complete privacy with the flip of a switch or other control mechanism. Depending on the time of day and preferred privacy setting, louvers can be angled to permit entry of daylight while still blocking a view to the home’s interior.

Sound – In noisier urban settings, ensuring a more tranquil home environment is essential to family living. Vision Control® has sound blocking capabilities on par with concrete blocks. This means that your home can feature ample glazing, but still ensure a quiet, more peaceful interior living space.

Light – Vision Control® ensures 100% light blockage, protects your furniture against fading from damaging ultraviolet rays, eliminates unwanted glare, and serves as light shelf to reflect light deeper into interior space, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Heat – Vision Control® provides variable shading coefficients, ensures solar heat barriers for optimal thermal performance, delivers higher energy-saving performance throughout the year, and blocks excessive solar heat to reduce air conditioning costs.

For homes that value progressive design and optimal efficiencies, Vision Control® can be customized to virtually any shape for interior and exterior glazing applications. Vision Control® is ideal for residential design that seeks to maximize views with generous exterior glazing, while still ensuring privacy and efficiencies.