The future of vision & daylight control


Green Building


Specialty glazing and solar shading designed for greener buildings

Green is the most important architectural influence today. It has changed the way buildings are considered, designed and built. Not an extravagance or esoteric notion anymore, green building is a must for sustainable architecture and long-term efficiencies.

Long before “green” became an industry bandwagon, Unicel was already focused on the development of products to better serve environmental purposes.

Our specialty glazing and solar shading solutions are ideal for green design projects because they:

  • Reduce energy consumption through innovative technologies
  • Maximize natural light benefits while minimizing its negative effects on indoor environments
  • Control solar heat gain
  • Control water penetration and air infiltration
  • Offer acoustical performance
  • Reduce maintenance requirements
  • Provide variable shading coefficients
  • Ensure solar heat barriers for optimal thermal performance
  • Deliver higher energy-saving performance throughout the year
  • Block excessive solar heat to reduce air conditioning costs
  • Contribute up to 23 LEED credits for energy performance, thermal comfort, innovation and daylightingv

Studies have proven that Vision Control® significantly saves money over double-glazed – both in cold and warm climate geographies. Vision Control® delivers three times as much in operational cost savings EVERY YEAR versus triple glazing due to reduced energy consumption, especially for peak cooling demand.

Unicel also offers a range of solar shading solutions or sunblades that provide optimized daylight control. These fixed or motorized louvers are made of maximum strength extruded aluminum profiles that ensure better control of solar heat gain and daylight performance, while adding immense aesthetic appeal to a building’s design.

Unicel motorized louvers optimize solar heat gain and lighting. This results in a reduction in HVAC costs and a significant increase in energy efficiency.