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Inmate privacy with maximum safety

Design matters in correctional facilities as much as it does in schools, hospitals, office buildings and wherever we live, work and play. Good design is proven to improve moods, efficiencies, cognitive abilities, safety and health. So it stands to reason that correctional facilities need to look at how their door and window design can enhance how they function, ensure safety and privacy, and operate more effectively.

Keeping correctional staff and officers safe is the number one priority for any correctional facility. Interior windows and doors are required to monitor activities into inmate areas, gathering spaces, meetings rooms, clinics and more. Visibility is important, but these windowed portals must have shatter-resistant and bullet-resistant glass. Additionally, any privacy solutions must be adjustable – permitting both open views and fully blocked visibility - and strong enough to withstand violent impacts.

Vision Control® permits correctional staff to monitor inmates, especially those deemed a suicide risk, to ensure that they do not harm themselves or others. It further ensures high levels of safety while providing adjustable visibility for staff monitoring with:

  1. Cordless operation: No cords or strings that can pose a strangulation hazard. This is crucial as hanging is the most common method of suicide in correctional facilities.
  2. Anti-ligature control knobs: Smooth operating knobs that present no corners or edges that pose a hanging risk from a kneeling or sitting position, or from self-mutilation.
  3. High-impact glazing or polycarbonates: A glazing alternative that is impact and shatter resistant, and eliminates the risk of dangerous glass shards.

Vision Control® is currently the only solution that competently addresses virtually all correctional facility door and window design requirements. They can be angled to provide discreet observation by correctional staff, while preventing inmates from feeling observed and exposed. They typically feature double glazing with a 2” airspace that has a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating on par with drywall and concrete block walls. In exterior applications, the integrated louvers offer complete daylight and glare control and optimal thermal efficiencies. They come with cord-free operation and anti-ligature knobs for optimal safety. High impact glazing protects against bullets, shattering, fire and violent force. The louvers are typically made with hollow-chambered aluminum to provide maximum strength and maintain the strictly parallel alignment of the blades. In fully closed position they ensure an additional safety barrier against violent impact.

By their very nature, correctional facilities limit design options for doors and windows. They also demand a number of critical considerations that can make the difference between life and death. By using Vision Control® for door and window solutions, correctional facilities can make highly stressful environments calmer, safer and more secure.