The future of vision & daylight control




For high performance commercial buildings

Commercial architecture can encompass both office buildings and retail locations.

Modern office space must provide more than a place to work. A contemporary workspace must take into consideration a healthy environment that translates into higher productivity and lower operating costs.

Retail design is a very specialized discipline due to the heavy demands placed on retail space. Because the primary purpose of retail space is to stock and sell product to consumers, the spaces must be designed in a way that promotes an enjoyable shopping experience for the consumer.

For both office and retail design, lighting is a critical element for occupant comfort. Natural lighting is proven to have positive impacts on moods, productivity and general feeling of well-being. So commercial architecture needs to maximize natural lighting while mitigating the impacts of heat and glare.

Vision Control® is an ideal glazing solution for commercial building:

  • Provides highest levels of daylight and shading control.
  • Thermal efficiencies reduce heating, cooling and lighting costs.
  • Contributes to LEED certification for green building.
  • Helps create positive mood-enhancing spaces by filtering natural light deep into interiors.
  • Reduces ambient noise for more tranquil working environments.
  • Ensures adjustable privacy for executive offices and boardrooms.
  • Provides adjustable shading in atriums and skylights – perfect for shopping center design!
  • Manages heat and glare for storefronts with expansive glazing.
  • Ensures long-term ROI with quality construction and generous warranties.