The future of vision & daylight control


Art & Nature


Specialty glazing for managing the beauty of natural light

Museums, art galleries and other buildings designed to showcase, house and protect items of value, require discerning architectural design. Daylight enhances and adds beauty to exhibits and interiors, but it can also usher in damaging UV rays, unwanted heat and glare. Using ample glazing is an essential part of creating beautiful art-oriented and cultural spaces – but ample glazing also necessitates effective sunlight management. Vision Control® is an ideal specialty glazing solution for optimal daylight management.

  • Vision Control® provides the maximum levels of daylight, heat and light control that galleries and museums need to protect exhibits and leverage lighting.
  • Vision Control® louvers can be automatically or manually angled to filter daylight depending on the time of day.
  • Vision Control® allows you to maximize the distribution of indirect sunlight deep into building interiors.
  • Vision Control® enables diffused daylighting to create uniform and consistent lighting.
  • Vision Control® optimizes the use of skylights or top lighting as light fixtures with built-in lighting controls.
  • Vision Control® can be leveraged as exterior shading and control device in hot climates to reduce heat gain and diffuse natural light before it enters the interior spaces.
  • Vision Control® operable louvers deliver the most flexible heat and light control, and manage the quantity and quality of light transmission through fenestration. Motorized louvers or sunblades ensure maximum daylight control.
  • Mitigating glare and getting the right reflective conditions is key to optimal daylight control. Vision Control® integrated louvers will always maintain the right balance between reflection and diffusion.
  • Vision Control® features precise control mechanisms that can rotate 180 degrees horizontally or vertically to distribute and diffuse light with simple louver rotation.
  • Vision Control® filters sunlight for thermal and human benefits, or reflects light back outside to block UV rays, unwanted glare and solar heat gain.v

For ultimate architectural beauty and performance, Vision Control® specialty glazing is the ideal solution for buildings of artistic distinction.